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The Hunters Hunted

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The Hunters Hunted
Hunters hunted 1
Quest Giver Agarth
Location Didenhill
Prerequisite Completion of Into the Light
Next Quest The Coming Storm
Reward Loot from the Hunter's Pit

Random ring

Faction No
Type Main

The Hunters Hunted is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The Hunters Hunted is the third quest available as part of the main storyline.



Enter the Three Lamps Inn at Didenhil and talk to Agarth. You will receive a random ring, and then Agarth will lead you to the Hunter's Pit.

Hunter's Pit - West (Main Gate)Edit

If you chose to take the front gate then expect quite a few enemies. The first camp is littered with foes, a use of Reckoning here is a decent choice. Loot the chest on the west end then continue north. As you turn the corner you will encounter more Tuatha and another chest in the northern camp. Continue east and break the crates along the bridge to call two more Tuatha Raiders. There is a Hidden Door to the south but it's only useful if your Detect Hidden is high enough to see; there are three chests behind the door.

Further east you will find a long Tuatha Raider. Jump down into the next camp where a large group will attack you from range. Fight fire with fire and pick the Raiders off from distance. Break the crates to discover a hidden chest then move up the ramp as you march east. Slay another group of Tuatha and you will enter the main room with Agarth meeting up with you. Gadflow will be summoned and a short scene occurs. Agarth suggests you take up the offer Alyn Shir had earlier. Loot the chest and search the other half of the Pit before leaving.


  • Various random loot found inside Hunter's Pit dungeon and on the bodies of the slain Tuatha
  • There are 4 traps (dismantable with Detect Hidden 8+) and a hidden door (openable with Detect Hidden 5+) with 3 chests in the hidden room
  • Quest completion : Level-dependant XP (about 4500 at level 20), but no Gold


Sometimes, when you start talking to Agarth in the three lamps inn, a GAME BREAKING bug can occur preventing him from starting quest dialog. There is NO solution to fix this quest and you must revert to a previous save or restart the game.

Another bug that can occur with this quest is that Agarth may not show up at the Three Lamps Inn. If he doesn't appear at that location, try going back to the Theatre of Fate (where you uncovered the Codex of Fate); Agarth may still be wandering there. Speak to him and the quest dialogue should still initiate as if he were at the Inn. Now go back to Didenhil, enter the Inn (Agarth won't be inside), but when you exit, you should find Agarth outside, at which point you can follow him as he makes a beeline for the Hunter's Pit.

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