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The Hero and the Maid

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The Hero and the Maid
Castle windermere
Quest Giver The Maid of Windemere
Location Castle Windemere
Prerequisite Cursed Kingdom
Next Quest None
  • Twist of Fate - Iconoclast
  • Title of King/Queen of the House of Ballads
  • Faction House of Ballads
    Type Faction Quest

    The Hero and the Maid is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    As you enter, you are greeted again by the Maid of Windemere. After she departs, listen to the Windemere Lorestone in front of you. Your journey to save the Court of Enchantments begins now.

    The first member you face is Sir Farrara who fights with a few Sprites. Again. alternatively if you have the proper dispel requirements, you could dispel the enchantment.

    After the battle, check the southeastern alcove for another Lorestone before moving forward. Watch out for the venus fly traps as you move into the next room. Fight off the Boggart Plaguebearers and stay out of the poisonous water while you battle, as that will cause Sewer Rot. From this room the path splits however and can be done in any order.

    Go right (room southeast on the map) and fight off a pair of Leanashe in the library area. Here you find Queen Belmaid and Lady Oleyn, but the two make a good pairing and two Leanashe join them. Fire spells will put down the creatures and stuns will keep the ladies in check. Try to bait them one at a time (if you can) out into the corridor so the others de-aggro or so that the caster's spells hit the walls instead of you. If you saved King Wencen first, he will assist you in this battle.

    Search the southeastern room for a chest and the north one for the third Windemere Stone. Return to the center room and shoot across, fighting off a horde of Boggarts. The next room has a Windemere Stone visible from the entrance but everything has poisonous water. You'll likely contract a disease and you will slowly take damage.

    The northern room has two chests. In the southern room you will find another chest and King Wencen. Speak with the King, then lead him back to the main area. He will unlock the magical barrier and give you the King's Token before he runs away. Approach the door and talk with the Maid of Windemere for the last time.

    The Maid of WindemereEdit

    • For the final battle, the Maid will summon waves of creatures to help her kill you, including sprites and sprite Champions, Leanashe , and a Thresh. This fight is remarkably similar to the final battle with the Widow in the quest The Widow's Wrath .
    • The fight begins with a Leanashe appearing in the corner of the room and the Maid immediately starts summoning a sprite. If you focus entirely on the extra mobs, she will continuously bombard you with a powerful homing spell very similar to the one used by the Widow. If you focus on the Maid, she will summon more sprites in an attempt to divert your focus. Either choice will be difficult for a medium-level player (level ~20). Like the Widow, the Maid is capable of teleporting and healing her summoned minions.
    • Like most boss fights, saving up Fate Energy and focusing down the Maid with Reckoning mode avoids a long, drawn-out fight. It may be possible to start the fight with a little less than half of the Fate bar filled and kill the summoned minions to fill the rest of the bar before the Thresh is summoned. Fighting both the Thresh and the Maid, along with whatever other minions in the room, is arguably the most difficult part of the fight.
    • If you're having trouble fighting them all in the open, there's a small room off to the east you can use so they can't gang up on you as much. As for the Maid and Thresh, you can bait both of them into casting spells by staying/fighting at the entrance to the small room until they start their cast sequence, then run back around a corner to the spell hits the wall. This way makes it so they will more than likely not come in after you because the AI thinks it can still hit you from afar.
    • A way to make the fight much easier for players choosing Sorcery is to invest fully in the Storm Bolt ability and stun the Maid whenever possible. If timed correctly and with luck, the Maid can be chain-stunned for extended periods of time, allowing the player to deal with the minions without interruption.
    • Players using the Finesse tree can also use this tactic with Smoke Bomb and/or Paralytic Poisons, if their level is high enough.
    • Players using the Might tree may also be able to pull this off if the right abilities are invested, though this tactic is much less reliable. Recommended abilities are Quake upgraded with Aftershock and possibly War Cry.
    Maids end

    The Maid's End

    When the Maid is reduced to 1% health, she'll beg for her life. You may spare her and allow her to rule with you, or kill her. Grab the last Windemere Stone, then leave the castle and return to the House of Ballads. Speak with Hallam the White to complete the quest and receive your reward.

    Kill HerEdit

    • Quest reward: Twist of Fate - Iconoclast (+10% damage with Faeblades, +6% Mana, +3% Chance to steal 5 health) and a small amount of XP when turned in. There is a large amount of XP gained when the maid is killed.
    • You become King or Queen of the House of Ballads and gain the respect of the Fae for killing the Maid of Windmere.

    Rule TogetherEdit

    • Quest reward: Twist of Fate - Iconoclast and a small amount of XP.
    • You share the throne of the House of Ballads and she refers to you as "My love".
    • Note: The Fae will react badly if you choose to rule together and they don't respect you as their new King/Queen.


    • If you talk to the maid straight after you have started the fight, she will beg for mercy and allows you to complete the quest without killing her. (Note: it is not always possible to engage the maid in conversation after battle is joined; in this case, the player must fight until the maid is near death. At that point, she starts conversation automatically and you may choose to spare her life.)
    • If your skill in Dispel is high enough relative to your level, you will be able to dispel (green conversation option) the Maid's mind control over the members of the Court of Enchantment (i.e. Dispel skill 6 at level 20 or 8 at level 24 versus Dispel skill 9 at level 29). Dispelling potions can boost you to the requirement (e.g. Minor Dispelling Boost)
    • If you choose to rule with the Maid of Windemere and you dispelled her enchantments on the Ballads heroes, they will not return to the House.
    • It is suggested that you save your game before getting started with Sir Farrara. The order and perhaps even timing of these dialog options can cause unusual states. Some of the Court still may fight after being Dispelled. And a few such sequences lead to the King not being responsive after reaching the magical barrier.
    • When fighting the Maid, beware of the Flesh-eating Plants growing near the walls.

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