The Headsman
Basic Info
Race Winter Fae
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction Winter Court

The Headsman is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Headsman is an ancient Winter Fae who was recently revived. He sees mortal soldiers throughout the territories previously occupied by the Winter Fae and assumes the worst; he is aware of the Tuatha, but seems to believe that they are choosing to do nothing about the mortal 'infestation.' He has since carried out many attacks against the Alfar Military camps. He fights by challenging his opponents to duels, then, whether they accept or not, attacking them. When the Fateless One appears, he challenges him/her--but when he realizes he is not dealing with another weak mortal, he halts the fight, challenges him/her to another duel at his home in Tinehil, and vanishes.

He has taken four Alfar Military soldiers hostages and uses their life force to replenish his when he comes close to death. He is defeated and killed by the Fateless One. However, if the Fateless One passes a persuasion test, the Headsman will admit that he has very little understanding of how this new world functions. He expresses a hope that the Cycle will eventually be healed, then kills himself, taking the four soldiers with him.


He is first encountered at an unmarked Alfar Military camp in the the Midden, south of the Proving Grounds.

After the first duel, he retreats to his home, Tinehil, which is located in the Midden. He can be found at the back of the hollow; the Fateless One will need to fight through Brownies, Sprites and Boggarts to reach him.


A Time to Reap

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