The Fisherman's Bride
Fishers bride
Quest Giver Enconeg Holn
Location Holnstead
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Imelda's Charm
Reward Gold
Faction No
Type Side Quest

The Fisherman's Bride is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A fisherman, Enconeg Holn, wants you to find a nymph he has fallen in love with while he prepares for their wedding. According to him, she has been chased off by the local Ettin, but was last seen at the old dock of Lake Ettinmere. You should clear the monsters away from the dock and find his nymph.


Enconeg first tasks you to kill the monsters around the lake which scared off his nymph bride and locate her for their wedding.

Walk towards the south of the East Shore and make sure that you save your game. You will have to kill the Ettin brute who is at the top of the cliff before it kills the fisherman, otherwise you’ll fail the side quest.

It turns out that the "nymph" is nothing less than a Leanashe. Kill the creature before it kills the fisherman.

You also have a chance to persuade Enconeg into realizing that his nymph is just a monster, if you succeed he will ask you to kill the Leanashe and stay out of the way.

It is important to note that the side mission The Fisherman's Bride and the next one, Imelda's Charm both require Enconeg Holn to stay alive. So make sure he is not slain by either of the encountered monsters.



  • At the place where Enconeg asks you to kill the Leanashe, an owl can be seen on the trees beside the lorestone. 

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