The Exiles
Dead kel
Quest Giver Akara
Location Akara-Tor (Gallows End)
Prerequisite An Offering
Next Quest None
Reward Signet of the Erathi, Twist of Fate - The Buccaneer
Faction None
Type Main Quest

The Exiles is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


I've discovered the secret connection between Akara and Dead Kel, and now its time for me to face the notorious pirate and end his threat to this island and the outside world. He waits for me in the lair of Akara the Exile.


  • The quest starts with some dialogue with Dead Kel, which soon turns into battle. Dead Kel summons several Faer Gorta to his aid, and will hide underground until all his minions are down. There is a brief period of time when he reappears to attack him before he hides again.
    • As ever, Reckoning mode is the best way to kill him fast.
  • When Dead Kel's health reaches zero he needs to be fateshifted to make sure he stays dead. This will happen even if the Fateless One has no fate energy.
    Fateshift chains

    The new ball-and-chain fateshift

    • Since this is a story-triggered fateshift it gets a special cinematic - a ball-and-chain finish.
  • The moment Dead Kel dies, Akara starts bringing the mountain down and the Fateless One needs to run so as not to be buried in the cavern. Several Boggart Urchins await en-route to the exit to make this more difficult, and there are some chests to loot along the way, too.
  • Once outside, the chosen companion has something to say, and the Fateless One is transported back to Cape Solace.
  • Quay awaits outside the village finish the quest. He will reward you with both the Signet of the Erathi and Twist of Fate - The Buccaneer


  • Dead Kel drops the longsword Torment.


  • The companion may be bugged and not follow you through the cave. To fix this, your companion needs to get attacked to trigger its following action again. The best time to do this is while you are fighting Dead Kel. While he is preoccupied, get his minions to hit your companion-- they will not voluntarily do this if the companion is not acting normally, so put your companion between you and Dead Kel's minions and they will accidentally hit them. From there, your companion should follow you normally. 
  • BUT ALWAYS KEEP YOUR COMPANION IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN YOU ARE FLEEING THE CAVE. Even if you've fixed the bug, if your companion trails behind, s/he will still get stuck behind the falling rocks. Try to keep your companion in front of you at all times. 
  • The companion that you chose can get bugged and won't follow you through the cave. If you continue through then he/she will be reverted near you, but at the cave's exit the companion will be stuck inside, preventing you from completing the cutscene set on the beach. If you notice that your companion isn't moving when you first enter the cave, reload the game from when you first enter to ensure your companion moves properly. This can also happen if your companion dies midquest, in which case you must re-start from your nearest save and try again. If your latest save doesn't solve this problem but is still before the final cave-in try the following: 
  1. Lure the last boggart you can find to the beach.
  2. When the boggart reaches its maximum following range and is about to turn around and run to its original spot, punch it toward the beach with no weapon equipped. This might take some time, so to make sure you do the smallest amount of damage possible to the boggart, set the game's difficulty on hard. 
  3. Stop punching the boggart the exact moment the second to last cave-in occurs, the boggart might attempt to run back but will be trapped by the cave-in.
  4. Run towards the beach, yet run back the exact moment your companion re-spawns.
  5. The boggart and your companion should start fighting, after your companion kills the boggart s/he should run with you to the beach.
  6. Doesn't work, Quit game. 


Akara's Last Wish03:28

Akara's Last Wish

Akara's Last Wish

Dead Kel is a Deader03:49

Dead Kel is a Deader

Dead Kel is a Deader

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