The Erathell's Blessing
Etharhell's blessing
start from yellow to red
Quest Giver Singing Nell
Location Ayten
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Blessing: +1 Health Regen per Second
Faction None
Type Side Quest

The Erathell's Blessing is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This quest is given by Singing Nell in the town of Ayten. She is convinced that if the stones are activated, the Erathell will come and bless the area. However, she can not remember the correct order to play the stones in.


Travel to Ayten's Circle and activate the stones.

The sequence is (N in bottom and JUMP POINT on top) from the one nearest N to the right, then to the upper left, then lower left, then straight to upper right(see minimap from yellow to red). Note the stones' descriptions as you activate them; the order is just Lowest, Low, Middle, High then Highest. Any sequence other than this will summon a Niskaru which will have to be killed in order to retry.

When the correct sequence has been completed, the Fateless One will be asked to receive a blessing. Choosing yes grants a Shrine-like blessing, temporarily giving +1 Health regen per second.

Go back to Singing Nell for your reward (level-dependent XP and Gold).


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