The Eldest
Scales of death
Quest Giver Bisarane
Location House of Sorrows
Prerequisite A House Divided
Next Quest The Weeping King
Reward Sorrows Talisman
Faction House of Sorrows
Type Faction Quest

The Eldest is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Now that Saturnyn has slaughtered most of the House of Sorrows, I need to speak to Bisarane to find out what can be done to save what is left.


  • Bisarane explains Saturnyn's purpose - to obtain the Sorrows, an amalgamate of magic and emotions collected from the Winter Fae over millennia.
  • The Sorrows are watched over by The Eldest, who can be found in Damalroc, in the southeast of the northern section of the Caeled Coast.
  • The Scales are located in the central chamber of Damalroc. Once the sigil stone is activated Murghan will pour into the room and the Fateless One must kill them on one of the plates - these Murghans do not give any XP. Once four(4) Murghan die on one plate the corresponding door will open.
    • Choice of side does not matter, you will go down the other shortly.
  • At the end of the opened corridor is one of The Eldest. They will ask the Fateless One to wake the other up by repeating the scale process, this time activating the other scale.
  • When both Elders wake up from their meditation the Fateless One should meet them in the antechamber behind the scales.
  • One of them will explain where to find the necessary key and offer the Sorrows Talisman.
  • The Fateless One should then choose a companion for the trip to Sinsear.
    • Alarane is a rogue
    • Caelrod is a mage
    • Otherwise the choice does not matter.
  • This ends the quest (level-based XP ~8350 at level 38, and Sorrows Talisman, but no Gold) and begins the next one, The Weeping King.



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