The Crossing
Quest Giver Florion
Location Circle of Engard
Prerequisite Fellfire Bloom
Next Quest None
Reward Whisperskin Sandals
Type Side Quest

The Crossing is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


After retrieving the flower during the quest Fellfire Bloom, Florion asks for the Fateless One's help one last time in order to attempt to cure all the Narca.


  • Talk to Florion after you retrieve the Fellfire Bloom. He will ask for help curing all the Narca.
  • Fast travel to Eagonn's Tomb and head over to Pura. Fight her and after defeating her, she will give you the Amulet of the Sun.
  • Fast travel to Caer Elatha and talk to Maxen who will explain a bit more and send you on to Halcyor.
  • Talk to Halcyor, who will tell you that his tampering has led to the madness.
  • He will then summon sprites and attack you. After defeating them place the bloom on the altar. The following message appears:
The Crossing Message
The Crossing
The sample of Fellfire Bloom melts into the ether as you place it on the altar before the Crossing.
  • Return back to Maxen and explain what has happened. He will give you Whisperskin Sandals.
  • Fast travel back to the Circle of Engard and talk to Florion to complete this quest (level-based XP, but no Gold).


Some notable loot found includes:


  • Upon completion of this mission the Fae group surrounding Florion will break up and leave, which means that both the Fateweaver and the Healer will disappear from this part of the map.
  • Additionally, friendly Seelie NPCs will appear around Alserund and help the player fight against the Narca.
  • Maxen states that he will aid the Fateless One in sagecrafting, however he never offers training or services.


  • The player can press the Interact button immediately after the conversation with Halcyor ends, placing the Bloom atop the Altar. This will instantly kill Halcyor (perhaps to avoid having the game skip quest stages) and the player will then only need to fight off the Sprites he summoned.

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