The Book of Gentle Beasts
The Book of Gentle Beasts Item
In-Game Title The Book of Gentle Beasts
Detail Beautifully bound, lined in gold, this book has lavish illuminations throughout.
Location Overgrown Thicket

The Book of Gentle Beasts is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Book of Gentle Beasts is a quest item and book found in Overgrown Thicket. It is required to finish the quest Ungentle Beasts.


Behold the gentle beasts of field, hill and wood. Unlike we who wear unnatural garments and betake such oddities as war and deceit, those noble beings are at one with all around them. They do not question, hate, or fear.


It is found at the end of Overgrown Thicket, resting open on a rock, at the very South portion.

Gallery Edit

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