Basic Info
Class Might
  • 70 points in Might
  • War Cry
  • Tier 6
    Levels 6 (+2)
    Type Upgrade
    Your War Cry gains the ability to reduce enemy Armor, opening foes up for your attacks and sometimes causing them to panic.


    Terror is a Might-based ability that increases the strength of a War Cry, causing enemies to have weaker armor and occasionally flee from battle.


    There are six levels of this ability. Two more may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

    Level Enemy armor reduction Chance to cause Panic
    1 -10% 0%
    2 -20% 0%
    3 -30% 10%
    4 -40% 14%
    5 -50% 18%
    6 -60% 20%
    7 -70% 25%
    8 -80% 30%

    Related abilitiesEdit

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