Templar Octienne
Reckoning-TemplarOctienne 0
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Rank Templar
Services Quest Giver

Templar Octienne is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Templar Octienne is the Templar who has been the lead figure for the Well of Souls project. He originally had the scholars Ventrinio and Fomorous Hugues working on the project of reviving those mortals who had fallen. Due to Ventrinio's questionable practices, which went against the morals set by the gnomish people, he was arrested and supposedly put to death.

In reality, Octienne relocated Ventrinio in secret to Dannestar Tower on a secluded island. There he continued his work in secret with a single assistant who was hired personally by Octienne and guaranteed to be more capable then an entire well trained lab staff.

Meanwhile, he was also financing Hugues own Well of Souls project at Allestar Tower. With the destruction of Hughes' Well of Souls project, Octienne became desperate to locate and eliminate him for his own various reasons, most notably because Hugues had begun to suspect certain things about his actions. He hires the Fateless One supposedly to locate and protect Hugues, but in reality had him/her followed by assassins.

When Octienne is approached in Adessa, he lashes out against the Fateless One, burning many old tomes and his hired assassins also come out to fight. After he is defeated, he is found guilty of the crimes that Hugues and the Fateless One levied against him earlier.


  • Octienne is a powerful mage.
  • According to Ventrinio, a major reason for Octienne's huge funding for both his and Fomorous Hugues' Well of Souls projects was to gain immortality.



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Kingdoms Of Amalur Templar Octienne

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