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Tempest (Spell)
Basic Info
Class Sorcery
  • 50 points in Sorcery
  • Storm Bolt
  • Chain Lightning
  • Tier 5
    Levels 5 (+2)
    Type Upgrade
    Hold the button for Storm Bolt to summon forth lightning from the heavens, smiting all nearby foes.


    Tempest is a Sorcery-based ability that, when the button for Storm Bolt is held, sends lightning bolts down to the ground, stunning all nearby enemies.


    This ability has five levels. Two more levels may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

    Level Lightning Damage Shocking Damage Mana Cost
    1 360 30 135
    2 400 35 145
    3 440 40 155
    5 480 45 165
    6 520 50 175
    7 560 55 175
    8 600 60 175




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