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Tari Holstig
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Male
Services Quest Giver/Temporary Companion

Tari Holstig is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


He's the fine first mate on the ground next to me. Words aren't his strength, although I'd be pressed to say what is, exactly...

— Rast Brattigan


Tari became her first mate, she says, when she marooned her previous first mate on a desert island after he became obsessed with her due to their sexual relationship. According to Brattigan, she can't really think of any strength that Tari has aside from being a hard worker. You first see Tari on a dock next to Captain Brattigan in Rathir. Because he is mute, his dialogue is only "...," but he gives you a note called "Tari's note" that is addressed to "stranger" that says his name and that his tongue was cut out by a Dvergan, so you (the stranger) find him unattended, you're asked to please escort him to the docks in Rathir where you're hand him over to Captain Brattigan, who will know how to best deal with his shortcomings.

Some time later, Tari joined up with Captain Brattigan when he heard she was taking volunteers to help kill Dead Kel, who has been destroying at least half of the boats coming into or out of Rathir, which is the largest trading port in all of Amalur. Legend says Dead Kel inhabits the island of Gallows End, although no one seems to be sure where that is, including Captain Brattigan, but then again, she's been called the worst captain ever, telling you herself that she's wrecked 20 ships in 20 years.

When your ship, The Calamity, was sunk by Dead Kel, Captain Brattigan , the Fateless One and Tari manage to survive and make it to the shore of Gallows End, although the Captain says Tari has been gutted and you both will have to leave him there while getting help. Once you find help, the Captain send villagers to Tari's location to help him, but they report that he isn't there and must've died and been swept out to sea.

Just before reaching your destination in Dark Harbor , save your game because you're about to run into dialogue options that aren't as easily predictable as usual.

You find Tari some time later in Dark Harbor where he asks for your help in stealing Dead Kel 's boat, called The Requiem to use to get off the island. Obviously, The Fateless One is surprised to not only see Tari alive, but to hear him speak. There is some dialogue about how Tari lied about being a mute and he faked his injuries when they arrived because he knew he'd be recognized by the villagers, so he explains that he followed you two through the Flooded Caverns  and then ran into the forest to hide and plot revenge.

Tari explains that he was actually born and raised on the island of Gallows End. A long time ago, his mother was chosen by the town's elders to be the next Scion, who is the religious town's highest religious authority, who actually speaks the will of their God, Akara. The Scion is chosen only once a generation and is the town's highest most respected position. His mother's best friend, Pima, was jealous of her being chosen as the next Scion, so Pima spread rumors about Tari's mother being a harlot and a thief. This convinced the town's leader, Alder Malloi, to exile her and Tari without any food or water. They were put on a raft and left to the fate of the sea. His mother made Tari promise to never seek revenge on her former best friend, Pima, and he agreed. His mother died from the experience, still happy she was chosen as Scion. Teri was picked up by a Dvergan ship and sold into slavery, still plotting revenge on all of those who wronged his mother and him. He says that The Requiem is the only seawirthy ship on the island and he needed help with it.

In your dialogue choices as The Fateless One, you're given two choices; 1) you can talk Tari out of killing the Scion by offering to kill her for him (there's a persuasion check here; at level 10 persuasion, it gives a 66% chance of success), in which case Teri will accept and you're now given the "Justice Done" quest, or 2) you can try to convince Tari that revenge isn't the way, but then he runs off mad, while still planning on killing the Scion.

If you fail the persuasion check or follow option 2 above, the quest "Justice Done" does not become available. Instead, the quest "Price of Freedom" is available after the main quest line where you will find Tari caged in Cape Solace for killing the Scion.

Tari can be selected as a temporary companion during the quest "An Offering," to fight Dead Kel.


The Fateless One first meets Tari on the pier near the Seafoam Tavern in Rathir (lower city) by Captain Rast Brattigan. (Spoilers ahead:) He is later found after the ship is sunk in Castaway's Cove faking injuries. Next, he can be found in the Dark Harbor, where he reveals his revenge plot against the Scion. Then, he can be found North of Siren's Den. After the assassination of the Scion, he can be found in Cape Solace.





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