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Silver talisman in game

A talisman being used in-game

The Talisman is the Sorcery-geared equivalent of a Kite Shield or a Buckler.

Regardless of its modifications, every Talisman will provide +10% Elemental Resistance. The amount of damage that a Talisman will block is usually less than that of Bucklers and Kite Shields of the same or similar level and quality, as is its durability. However, they typically carry more stats increasing Mana and Sorcery-related buffs.

The Might ability, Skillful Defense, increases the amount of damage mitigated by shields of all types, and at the highest level unlocks the Shield Bash move, which deals minor damage.

Parry TypeEdit

One benefit of using a Talisman is that when Parrying, the damage dealt to the parried target has an elemental type: Fire, Ice, or Lightning. The elemental type a given talisman uses on parry can be determined by checking the background effect of the icon of the talisman:

  • A red-orange burst means it is a Fire talisman.
  • A swirling blue background indicates the talisman is associated with Ice.
  • Radiating yellow lines indicate a Lightning talisman.

Apparently Talismans only deal the main elemental damage (fire/ice/lightning) and deal no secondary elemental damage (burning/frost/shocking).

List of Unique TalismansEdit

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