Syllareta Vauner
Syllareta Vauner Close
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Female
Services Merchant
Quest Giver

Syllareta Vauner is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


My wife. A damn wizard at the alchemy bench -- err, or a damn alchemist -- you know what I mean.
-Jennery Vauner


Syllareta Vauner is an alchemical merchant and the wife of Jennery Vauner. She aids Canneroc by making antidote for spider venom.



She can be found in Vauner House in Canneroc.


As an alchemical merchant, Syllareta sells the following potions, reagents, and recipes.

Consumables (Potions)Edit

Potion Cost
Minor Life Leech x 6 497
Minor Thief's Cunning x 6 497
Minor Mana Regen Potion x 16 497
Minor Jeweled Shillelagh x 6 497
Minor Lightning Storm x 12 188
Minor Steeled Curtain x 12 188
Minor Freezing Sentinel x 6 188
Minor Blazing Salve x 12 188
Minor Force Potion x 2 188
Minor Healing Potion x 16 188
Minor Mana Potion x 16 188
Minor Health Regen Potion 16 188

Consumables (Reagents)Edit

Reagent Cost
Cripplespore Caps x 16 40
Sativa Fibers x 16 40
Softscrabble Powder x 16 40
Embereyes x 16 40

Consumables (Alchemical Recipes)Edit

Recipe Cost
Minor Piercing Serum 1017
Minor Venomguard 1017
Minor Serpent's Venom 1017
Minor Mana Regen 1017
Minor Tracker's Draught 1017
Minor Burning Sentinel 1017
Minor Force Potion 1017
Minor Bleeding Resistance 1017
Minor Flesh Eater 1017
Minor Health Regen 1017
Minor Warrior's Strength 1017
Minor Magebane 1017
Minor Magic Amplification 1017
Minor Current Stopper 1017
Minor Thief's Cunning 1017


It's an old, old story. My grandmother used to tell it when I was young. It's supposed to scare young ones away from Webwood. They said that the Widow ripped out her heart when she first found love... and that she has her spiders rip out the hearts of all who dare pierce her wood.
when asked about The Widow.
My dear husband. I know he thinks himself useless, but the dear has been essential in helping me keep this town in health potions and anti-venom...
when asked about her husband, Jennery Vauner.
I trust his spear and I trust his judgment. This is a war, or something like it; Barten's the only one with the experience for this.
when asked about Barten.
It's quieter than I've heard it in all my years. In some ways, it's as disconcerting as knowing the spiders were still out there. Aside from your doings, I have the feeling that there won't be any more tales to tell of Webwood.
when asked about the Webwood.


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