Survivor's Jacket
Survivor's Jacket Inventory
Durability 25
Armor Rating 189
Rarity Set Item
Type Light Armor
Requirements Finesse 28
Effects +12% Crit Damage
+5% Experience Bonus
Survivor's Jacket is an armor piece in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Crafted from the strong armored carapace of the scav, this waterproof jacket and curiass can blend seamlessly into island wetland. It was created by a castaway who survived the deadly wilds of Gallows End by learning to become one with the island.


  • +12% Critical Hit Damage
  • +5% Experience Bonus



  • The flavor text has a typo - the word "cuirass" is spelled incorrectly, having flipped the "r" and "i".

Set BonusesEdit

Survivor's Armor Set grants the following Bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces: +1 Mana Regen per Sec
  • 3 Pieces: +20% Elemental Resistance
  • 4 Pieces: +10% Damage at Night

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