Summon Faer Gorta
Basic Info
Class Sorcery
Prerequisites 20 points in Sorcery
Tier 3
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Active
Use magic to rapidly construct a Faer Gorta who will fight by your side.


Summon Faer Gorta is a Sorcery-based ability where the character uses magic to construct a Faer Gorta to help fight for 120 seconds.


There are six levels for this ability.

Level Health and Damage Bonus Mana Cost
1 +0% 65
2 +10% 60
3 +25% 65
4 +50% 70
5 +75% 75
6 +100% 80
7 +125% 80
8 +150% 80

Notes Edit

  • Summoned Faer Gorta is bloodthirsty and will go out of the way to attack non-threatening animals. Summoning the minion when entering most towns and farmsteads is an efficient way to raise the number of chicken kills in your stats while you go about other business.
  • A glitch makes it possible to attack your minion and it will incur a bounty.



Summon Faer Gorta00:26

Summon Faer Gorta

Related AbilitiesEdit

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