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Summon Faer Gorta is a Sorcery-based ability where the character uses magic to construct a Faer Gorta to help fight for 120 seconds.

Requires 20 points in Sorcery.

There are six levels for this ability.

Level 1: Summon Faer Gorta. Cost 50 Mana

Level 2: Summon Faer Gorta has + 10% Health and Total Damage. Cost 60 Mana

Level 3: Summon Faer Gorta has + 25% Health and Total Damage. Cost 65 Mana

Level 4: Summon Faer Gorta has + 50% Health and Total Damage. Cost 70 Mana

Level 5: Summon Faer Gorta has + 75% Health and Total Damage. Cost 75 Mana

Level 6: Summon Faer Gorta has + 100% Health and Total Damage. Cost 80 Mana


Summon Faer Gorta00:26

Summon Faer Gorta


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Note Edit

Summoned Faer Gorta is bloodthirsty and will go out of the way to attack non-threatening animals.

  • Summoning the minion when entering most towns and farmsteads is an efficient way to raise the number of chicken kills in your stats while you go about other business.
  • A glitch is also possible to attack your minion and it will add a bounty

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