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Storm Bolt is a Sorcery-based ability that sends an electrical bolt at an enemy, causing Lightning and Shocking damage. At higher levels, it can stun enemies. If the attack is held, the attack turns into Tempest.

Your starting spell which you gain for free in the Well of Souls area before the spiders.

There are six levels of this ability.

Level 1Edit

  • 40 Lightning Damage
  • Cost: 20 Mana

Level 2Edit

  • 50 Lightning Damage
  • Cost: 23 Mana

Level 3Edit

  • 60 Lightning Damage
  • Cost: 26 Mana

Level 4Edit

  • 70 Lightning Damage
  • 25% chance to Stun for 4 seconds and 12 Shocking Damage in an area
  • Cost: 29 Mana

Level 5Edit

  • 80 Lightning Damage
  • 30% chance to stun for 4s
  • Explosion on impact deals 15 shock dmg in an area
  • Cost: 32 Mana

Level 6Edit

  • 90 Lightning Damage
  • 35% chance to stun for 4s
  • Explosion on impact deals 18 shock dmg and can stun in an area
  • Cost: 35 Mana


Storm Bolt00:06

Storm Bolt

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