Statues of Amman
Amman chests
Location of the statues of Amman
Quest Giver None
Location Odarath
Prerequisite None
Reward Random
Type Unlisted

Statues of Amman is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Statues of Amman is an unlisted side quest that can be freely pursued around the region of Odarath.


While ransacking the several Red Legion camps in western Odarath, the Fateless One may come across an abandoned sack containing Sigbert's Journal and a mysterious key. The journal details Sigbert Sawerth's personal quest to find the Keys of Amman, as well as the Statues of Amman that the keys are supposed to unlock.

Getting The KeysEdit

There are five Keys of Amman: Esharra, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Each key opens a corresponding statue. The locations of every known key are detailed below.

Amman's Key - Esharra: Bought from Deda Eolfred, the bartender at the Gorhart Inn. Having a higher Mercantile skill lowers the price, though the price is negligible at any level compared to the reward.

Amman's Key - Winter: Found in an abandoned sack, alongside Sigbert's Journal, at one of the Red Legion camps in the northeastern corner of western Odarath. It's the southernmost camp of three. The sack is in one of the tents.

Amman's Key - Autumn: Two known Autumn Keys exist. One can be found in the Waterhall Down in western Odarath; it is in a loot pile at the center of a room with sprites waiting in ambush, just after the flooded and trapped hallway. The second Autumn Key can be found in a fae cache at the Ballads Oratory in Ettinmere.

Amman's Key - Spring: Three known Spring Keys exist. One is found in a chest in the Summer Sanctuary, which is the western building at the House of Ballads. The second is in a chest in the Hall of Accolades, the eastern building at the House of Ballads. The third Spring Key is located at the Gardens of Ysa, in a fae cache in the southeastern room of the Embassy Hall.

Amman's Key - Summer: Found in a chest in the Hall of Accolades, which is the eastern building at the House of Ballads.

Finding The StatuesEdit

The statues are located in eastern Odarath, which is seamlessly bordering the region of Yolvan to the south, where the Warsworn make their residence. Each statue is unlocked by a matching key. For example, Amman's Key - Spring unlocks the Statue of Amman in Spring.

Every statue is warded. This is a blessing in disguise, though, as some of the statues may be hard to spot. When searching for the statues, look for the dark purple aura that signifies a warded container.

All of the statues, besides one, contains random low-level loot. They don't have to be opened in any particular order, so if you just want a unique sword, go for the Spring Statue.

Esharra Statue: Located roughly in the northwest corner of the region. It's a short distance north off of the path leading to the House of Ballads. The statue is sitting along the northwest edge of an open field.

Summer Statue: Located roughly in the northeast corner of the region. It's just east off of the northeast trail leading out of Odarath, behind a large pillar.

Autumn Statue: Located roughly in the southeast corner of the region. Make your way south over the river, across the eastern bridge. When you come to a fork in the road, go down the south path. Keep walking while looking left off of the path; the statue is very close to the road, next to a tree.

Winter Statue: Located roughly in the southwest corner of the region. When coming into east Odarath from west Odarath, continue southeast down the main road and stop just before entering an area of ruins. Look northeast off of the path, into the forest, and you'll be able to see the statue.

Spring Statue: From the House of Ballads, make your way south over the river, across the western bridge, the statue is located to the west of the path, sitting under a very large tree at the top of a small incline.


Four of the five statues hold random loot that isn't all that impressive. The real reward is Vengal's Vengeance, a unique longsword found in the Spring Statue, which gives a +1 bonus to your Mercantile skill.

Regardless of your play style, if you're keen on having as much money as possible, this is a sword worth keeping for most of the game. The only requirement to wield it is to be level 1, so just equip the sword before trading to save that much more gold.


  • Two keys, the Autumn Key in the Ballads Oratory and the Spring Key in the Hall of Accolades, are in red-hand chests, which means you would have to steal them. However, even if someone is fully aware of your presence, all items in the keys' containers show 0% risk of being caught.


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