St. Hadwyn's Beads
St. hadwyn's beads
Rarity Unique
Type Necklace
Effects +15% Damage vs. Niskaru

St. Hadwyn's Beads is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Prayer beads sanctified by contact with the holy relics of St. Hadwyn.


These beads are obtained during the Plagueshield quest, when the Fateless One comes across the body of a monk named Brother Fallon while attempting to procure Plagueshield for the nearby town of Didenhil. Taking the beads to St. Hadwyn's Mission and showing them to Brother Udo activates the quest Brother Fallon's Beads, which increases the beads' usefulness as the Fateless One prays at Shrines of Mitharu at St. Hadwyn's Mission, St. Odwig's Mission and St. Eadric's Mission.


Quest Edit

St. Hadwyn's Beads are obtained during the Plagueshield side quest, and sanctified during Brother Fallon's Beads.

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