Squire Coran
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Faction Alfar Military
Rank Squire

Squire Coran is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I walked the wall of Mel Senshir. Do you know what it's like? The silence breathes. The shadows move. Every night is a lifetime. No drink can drown those memories.


Squire Coran is a member of the Alfar Military, who once served on the front line in Klurikon. He volunteered to deliver death notices to members of the military who have fallen during the Crystal War. But after delivering a few of them already and dealing with hysterical family members, he would prefer to sit down and drink his time away.

To this end, he asks the Fateless One to finishing running the rest of death notices for him.


He is first met at the Thirsty Wench in Whitestone in Apotyre.


The Messenger


This village is as good as any. I've seen many such places, all of them ravaged by the war, all of them feeling the distant decay of the Tuatha. There is no escape.
when asked about Whitestone.
What's there to say? The Tuatha just keep growing bolder, and our numbers fewer. Not like the people of Apotyre care. They've got their own problems.
when asked about the Crystal War.



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