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Sprites are wild elemental fae creatures. They're weak, have no resistances whatsoever, and their attacks are predictable. Sprites mostly attack in packs to compensate for their weakness, and are sometimes led by an elemental Sprite Champion. The mere presence of a Champion allows Sprites to copy the elemental attacks, resistances, and weaknesses of the Champion, becoming much more dangerous.

A Sprite can only copy one elemental affinity, even if accompanied by different Champions. Nevertheless, a pack of Sprites accompanied by several Champions can easily prove a fatal encounter.


  • Average HP:
  • Strength: None/Varies
  • Weakness: None/Varies
  • Attacks: Slam; (Blazing Headbutt2; Frozen Bullet3; Storm Splash4; Primal blink5 )
  • Location: The Faelands; Teeth of Naros
  • Difficulty: Very Easy / Medium (with a Champion) / Very Hard (large pack, multiple Champions)



  1. Requires the Teeth of Naros DLC
  2. When accompanied by a Sprite Flame Champion
  3. When accompanied by a Sprite Frost Champion
  4. When accompanied by a Sprite Storm Champion
  5. When accompanied by a Sprite Primal Champion

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