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The Special Delivery Chest is a chest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning with the Downloadable Content.
Special Delivery Chest


It is located right in front of the Fast Travel Point in Gorhart, right next to the inn.


It yields the following drops:


The Valley Armor Set
The Flame (Staff)
The Song (Chakrams)
Twinned Souls (Chakrams) (from beginning the Amalur demo)
The Field (Sceptre)
The Truth (Talisman)


The Running Man Armor Set
The Moon (Buckler)
The Night (Daggers)
The Hunter (Bow)
The Wind (Fae-Blades)


The Guardian Armor Set
Shepard's Armor Set (upon purchasing the Online Pass)
The Tower (Kite Shield)
The Beast (Longsword)
The Forge (Greatsword)
The Mountain (Hammer)

EA BonusEdit

Omniblades (Daggers)

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