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Song of Sir Sagrell

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Song of Sir Sagrell
Grave tresh
Quest Giver Hallam the White
Location House of Ballads
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Ballad of Bloody Bones
Reward Faeblades of Song

Ballads Signet Ring

Faction House of Ballads
Type Faction Quest

Song of Sir Sagrell is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


It is a popular tale, featuring the Summer Court's most treasured rogue. One afternoon, Sagrell, his head sleepy with wine and dreams of women, awoke to a terrible roar. The treacherous Maid of Windemere, villain of the House of Ballads, was summoning forth a beast from beneath the earth. She wished to send it against Wencen himself. When the Maid departed, Sagrell tread into the beast's lair and killed it, only to realize that it was simply the first of many deadlier enemies. What a song! - Hallam the White.

Song of Sir Sagrell is the first quest in the House of Ballads questline.


The first person to slay the Grave Thresh in Gorguath will get a seat in the House of Ballads. South of the House of Ballads the Fateless One will find the entrance to Gorguath. To his immediate right is a Gorguath Stone, read it and enter the middle section. After the brief scene go south and kill the brownies. Continue south to find another Gorguath Stone and a chest then backtrack to where the fallen Brownies are.

Go north this time and defeat a larger group of brownies and take the short path southeast for a chest. Stick to the path until he reaches the Heartvine that needs to be pulled. Go north into a larger area with a few brownies and another chest. Continue along the path to the next Heartvine then enter the next area to the north for a change of pace, boggarts. There is still a chest in the north part of the room but also a Hidden Door that can be seen on the minimap with enough points in Detect Hidden. At the end of the hallway is a third Gorguath Stone.

Sagrell body

Sagrell's Body

Backtrack to the room before this hallway and go northwest to defeat the boggarts. Go south to the final Heartvine then clear the remaining Boggarts as he returns to the entrance hall. Go down the center and through the hidden door on the left to reach the bottom layer of all the stuff he just ran around. Slay the boggarts and find a few chests then return to the center area to face the Grave Thresh. Fire spells work wonders and the Thresh is rarely stunned, but the fire can cause it to stagger.

With the creature felled, the Fateless One can loot the corpses in the corners and a chest along the wall. Go north to a Gorguath Stone then loot the corpse in the middle of the room for the Ballads Signet Ring and Faeblades of Song. A short scene occurs and a roar of the impending danger should send a warning sign, two more Thresh appear (Ballad Pledge Ficon can die at the beginning of the fight). Defeat the Thresh and boggarts, then find a corpse. Clear out the northern area as well then go north east of the larger room find the last Gorguath Stone.

Loot the skeleton as well then fight your way out of Gorguath. Return to the House of Ballads and into the Court of Enchantments. Speak with Hallam the White to conclude this quest.



  • In order to open the hidden doors you need to have 5 points in Detect Hidden, but you cannot do this until level 8, so don't waste time trying to enter them if you don't meet the criteria.

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