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Sons of Laz

A Son of Laz


A Son of Laz, is an undead creature created by Ventrinio. They are the failed result of his ill-fated experiment to restore life to the dead and the closest he would ever come to achieving this goal. 


  • Average HP:
  • Resistances: Immune to Poison, Bleeding. Resists Piercing damage.
  • Attacks:
  • Location:
  • Difficulty:


Fomorous Hugues mentions that Ventrinio named them after a figure in an old children's tale. While this is a reference to the in-game book Gnome Nursery Rhyme, it also clearly points to the biblical tale of Lazarus.

Tips Edit

  • When first encountered, despite their weak appearance and large numbers, they are not to be underestimated due to their high resistance to being stunned and highly damaging attacks. It is advised that they are fought with lots of caution and patience.

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