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Skills window

Skill menu showing selected skills and bonus skills from items/potions (green)


Created by Lombax

There are 9 Skills. The skills can be improved by Leveling, by Skill Books and by Skill Trainers. (Trainers and Skill Book Locations) But even If you use the skill books and the trainers you can't max out all skills with out being a Jack of All Trades. The final destiny of them is plus 3 to all skills so you can arrange your points and unbind them to where you can get maxed out at level 37.



Alchemy - Experiment

Alchemy grants you the ability to harvest mystical Reagents from the land and combine them to create powerful arcane Potions, either from recipes or by experimenting.

Increased chance to successfully harvest Reagents.



Blacksmithing allows you to repair your arms and armor as they become worn or damaged, as well as forge entirely new equipment. It also increases the effectiveness of Repair Kits.

Detect HiddenEdit

Detect Hidden

Detect Hidden enables you to find hidden treasure caches, deadly traps, enemy ambushes, and secret doors.

Increases the amount of gold found as you explore the world.


Dispelling trap minigame

Trap Dispelling Minigame

Dispelling grants you the ability to dispel protective magical Wards without suffering harm.

Decreased difficulty when dispelling magical Wards.


Lockpicking grants mastery over the picking of mechanical locks, enabling you to bypass even the tightest security.

Decreased difficulty when lockpicking.


With Mercantile, you master the art of selling for more and buying for less.

Improves Buy and Sell gold costs at Merchants.



Persuasion allows you to talk your way into and out of situations that would normally require a different solution.

Increase your chance to persuade others to your way of thinking. Decreases bribe costs to guards.


Sagecrafting allows you to Craft Gems from Shards found throughout Amalur, Socket them into equipment, and Combine Shards into higher quality Shards.



Increases the time it takes NPCs to notice you, as well as decreasing their effective detection range if they are unaware of you.

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