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Sir Sagrell
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Class Rogue
Faction House of Ballads
Rank Knight

Sir Sagrell is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The original Sir Sagrell is one of the seven greatest heroes of the Summer Fae. He snuck into the Grave Thresh's lair or Gorguath, defeated it, and saved the maiden it had kidnapped. The original Sagrell left the Ballads later on, and his position was filled by someone who completed his ballad.

The current Sir Sagrell at the time of the Fateless One's arrival at the House of Ballads was killed while performing his ballad. A group of candidates who've heard of his passing arrived to compete to finish the ballad first. Hallam the White allows the Fateless One to compete in the competition, and by the end of it, the only candidate who returned was him/her.

His ballad is known among the Fae as the The Song of Sir Sagrell.


The previous Sir Sagrell can be found dead during the quest Song of Sir Sagrell. The Fateless One, upon completion of that quest will gain the seat of Sir Sagrell in the House of Ballads.



The original Sagrell can be found in the Chantry of Summer's End. After departing the House of Ballads, he was captured by the Maid and enchanted. Though unlike the enchantments placed upon the other members of the Ballads, he appears to retain much of his own thoughts and ideals, but cannot refuse the Maid's orders.

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