Sir Creth
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction House of Ballads
Rank Knight

Sir Creth is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


My true name is Trek, and I am the first and only one to have acted in the role of Sir Creth. He was the sternest of heroes. He had no taste for pageantry and decorum.


Sir Creth is one of the seven greatest heroes in the history of the Summer Fae. He is best known for his feat of defeating Nix the troll along with his close friend, Sir Airmer, by challenging him to a gentleman's duel.

Like the rest of the current members of the House of Ballads, he is not the original hero. He is a Summer Fae who took up the mantle after the previous Sir Creth retired or died, being the first in the group of candidates to finish the ballad of Sir Creth.

The current Sir Creth that the Fateless One encounters is in Sundur Caverns alongside his longtime friend, Sir Airmer. He is hostile to him, disliking the fact that a child of dust has taken a seat in the Ballads.

His ballad is known among the Fae as Two Knights and a Troll.


First met at the entrance along with Sir Airmer in Sundur Caverns during the quest Two Knights and a Troll.



We in the House of Ballads have earned the right to perpetuate the Telling. You, mortal, have no such rights.
Airmer and I have sworn allegiance to one another, first and foremost. When his sword draws blood, mine is soon to follow. It has been so for seasons.
when asked about Sir Airmer.
It is no fell trick to find yourself one of the chosen few. It is not a jest or a game or a trifle. It is a responsibility to be undertaken with dread caution. No dustling has ever fallen in with the ranks of the Court. So far our banner has fallen...
when asked about the Court of Enchantments.
Oh, I could kill him. If I wished to. But that is not how the song is sung. Have you any other stupid questions?
when asked about Nix the troll.
Don't bother me. I'm not your brother. Not yet. Fight well, and perhaps I'll look upon you with fresh eyes.
King Wencen is eternal, but still should not be kept waiting.
after defeating Nix the Troll.

During 'The Champions' quest:

Well, which one of us do you want killing you? I'll do it if it must be done, and if it pleases my lady.
upon your meeting at the entrance of Windemere.
The Maid's hand has turned me to the light of truth. What did it show me? It showed me that the House of Ballads is in ruins. Escape while you have the chance.
when asked about the House of Ballads (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).
Her majesty will no longer be overlooked. Try as you might to vanquish the Emerald Lady, you will not succeed. She is everlasting.
when asked about the Maid of Windemere (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).
Yes, you know me, but I stand for my lady now. The Maid of Windemere is everything.
when asked about himself (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).
Airmer's sense of duty, of service, it is what makes him weak. The Maid needs one whose strength is not bound by mercy. Not even the love of knights and brothels can stand between my lady and me. Those who would try, will fall.
when asked: why are you fighting? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion)).
Sir Elswin has been relieved of his duties. He has been guarding this kingdom for far too long, and even the best grow lazy.
when asked: where is the Champion? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).
Then you will earn my respect, something you have yearned for since our first meeting. Come, prove to me that you are worthy of my blade.
when asked: what if I choose you? (while being captive by the Maid's illusion).
Enough, mortal! You presume too much. This song does not belong to you. There can be only one Champion, and his name is Sir Creth.
if you have already defeated or liberated Sir Airmer from the Maid's curse.
What is this? What have you done, Sagrell? What brings me to this strange place? It's as though a troll has been braining me with his club.
when you free him from the Maid's curse.
I do not like what has transpired, not at all. It is a strange sensation, akin to fingers probing the very insides of your being.
I suppose I should thank you for rescuing me from this enchantment. That would be the noble thing to do. Perhaps I will get to it eventually.
I never fully appreciated what I shared as part of Wencen's inner circle. Now that it's been struck down, I can only hope that it will one day be restored.
when asked about the House of Ballads.
A prickly one, the Maid. I never thought she'd become so ambitious, so vile. Once, she was like us, just a player in the game. Now she is something more.
when asked about the Maid of Windemere.
I don't feel all too different, actually. I'm just as miserable as ever. I do hope the lingering effects of this enchantment wear off eventually.
when asked about himself.


He is the first Fae to take up the mantle of Sir Creth since the original Creth's retirement/death.

Seeing as he is the first Fae to take up the position of Sir Creth, depending upon when the original Creth retired/died, he might have met a few to all of the original heroes of the Ballads.

His original name before he took up the title/name of Sir Creth, was Trek.

Bug note: PC version, after finishing all of the House of Ballads quest line, Sir Creth may not respond when you are trying to click him inside King Wencen's throne room. Instead he is just there, walking around. Please confirm if this is true on other platfroms.

Confirmed on Xbox 360. The prompt to press A and talk to him still appears but it doesn't work.


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