Silence Falls
Prismere chantry
Quest Giver Commander Owaiglyn
Location Mel Senshir
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest Echoes of the Past
Reward Cydan's Faeblades, Gold
Faction None
Type Main Quest

Silence Falls is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Alfar army has freed Mel Senshir, but the Tuatha still swarm in Klurikon. Owaiglyn has heard stories of a secret band of jungle warriors who have been fighting from the shadows. If I find them, we can join forces against the Tuatha.



  • Players are unable to destroy Chantry after breaking the crystals surrounding it. This results in the player being unable to continue with the main quest line. It is recommended that players do not break any of the crystals surrounding the three chantrys until the quest is activated. Reverting to a previous save may also help but ultimately this doesn't seem to work. (See discussion.)
  • If you reach the meeting area via Shattertier Mines, then you will have to exit Foes' Hearth and re-enter.
  • If you haven't already finished the quest 'An Old Friend', the gate to Cursewood is locked and you cannot enter without the key. This should fix itself when you finish the quest. 

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