Shrines provide the Fateless One with temporary bonuses, and can be found all over the The Faelands.


Vanillla shrine

Shrines in the vanilla version

The table below lists the different types of Shrines and their effects.

Shrine: Effect:
Shrine of Thyrdon Thyrdon's Charge
Altar of Belen Death's Touch
Shrine of Lyria Lyria's Blessing
Shrine of Mitharu Mitharu's Protection
Shrine of Ynadon Ynadon's Justice
Shrine of Ethene Ethene's Wisdom


Kel shrines

New shrines in The Legend of Dead Kel

The following Shrines were added with The Legend of Dead Kel DLC:

Shrine: Effect:
Shrine of Njordir Strength of Njordir
Altar of Vraekor Fury of Vraekor
Shrine of Gaea Gaea's Reserve

The following Shrine was added with the Teeth of Naros DLC:

Shrine: Effect:
Kollossae Altar Watched by the Gods

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