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Shine and Shadow (Weapon)

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Shine and Shadow
Shine and shadow stats
Base Damage See Details
Durability 42
Rarity Unique
Type Daggers
Requirements See Details

Shine and Shadow is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


They are as two sides of a coin. Searing hot during the day, ghostly cold at night.


These daggers can be looted from the corpse of the ettin brute Kurtorix found in Dellach during the quest Shine and Shadow. In order to complete the quest and also keep the daggers you must choose "I did my job" dialogue option when speaking to Avicenn Etelle or succeed in a persuasion check.

The Shine and Shadow is a level-dependent weapon, and both its damage and level requirement are bound to the location level.

Damage BreakdownEdit

X below is a function of player level (yet to be determined).

  • X Physical Damage
  • X Piercing Damage
  • X Fire Damage during Daytime
  • X Burning Damage over 3 seconds during Daytime
  • X Ice Damage at Night
  • X Freezing Damage over 5 seconds at Night


Dellach in Ettinmere.


  • As with all weapons with a Daytime and/or Nighttime effect, the damage rating for these daggers is misleading. This is because the Fire and Ice damage is always included in the in-game calculation, but only one of the Elemental damage bonuses is active at a time.


  • It is not possible to remove the daggers from inventory once they are placed in the Stash and removed. However, they can be moved directly to junk from stash and destroyed.


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