Shillelagh Inventory
Base Damage 72
Durability 44
Rarity Unique
Type Staff
Requirements Character Level 7
Effects +5% Fire Damage
+40 health
Sockets Weapon 1

Shillelagh is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A relic from the Heroic Age of the Fae, associated with followers of King Ysa. Believed lost in the Battle of Glynn, a swimmer recently discovered it in Ettinmere.

Damage BreakdownEdit



  • Shillelagh can be found randomly in chests or as loot.


A shillelagh, known as sail éille in Irish Gaelic, is a dual-use club/walking-stick.

It is likely that the item card description of Shillelagh belongs to the Totem of the Wild and vice versa. The Totem's description reads: "Ironically named after the modest walking-stick-war-club of the Ljosalfar gentlemen...". Considering the meaning of the two names, this would be definitely true for Shillelagh, but doesn't make much sense in the case of the Totem of the Wild.


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