This article is about the Shardfall Quest. For the location, see Shardfall.

Shardfall (quest)
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Quest Giver Aethan Engar
Location Scholia Arcana - Main Hall
Prerequisite The Unquiet Bride
Next Quest Lightning in a Bottle
Reward Adept's Ring
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

Shardfall (quest) is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.




Some notable loot found includes:


  • Though Edmure warns that none can go into Shardfall without the pendant of warmth on their bodies, you needn't equip it to be able to enter once you have it.


  • It is possible for the Apprentice to never load in Shardfall, making it impossible to continue on the questline. If this occurs (and have already jumped off the ledge in Shardfall) the fight never happens and the player is unable to progress. There are currently no fixes for this. The only known workaround is to reload a previous save.
  • A bug can occur in which your health/mana/fate/arrows menu and your minimap disappear from the HUD sometimes if you go into direct conversation with Edmune after exiting the cave. If he initiates dialogue, hit your escape action button. Run past him and pass the waterfall, then return to converse with him. There is currently no fix to this bug and therefore it is recommended to save prior to exiting the cave in case this happens.
    • This bug is believed to be due to how soon you converse with Edmune after leaving the cave and progress the dialogue to asking about what has become of his assistant. This is possibly due to the HUD being unable to completlely load prior to the conversation due to his close location to the exit of the cave.
    • However, some players have also reported the problem still occurring even when they teleported away & walked back to try and avoid the bug. They found that the only time the bug didn't happen was if they:
      1. Teleported away as soon as the area outside Shardfall loaded.
      2. Walked back to the entrance.
      3. Then ONLY selected the conversation about Donnel Cutty (do not open the shop menu or choose any other conversation option).



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