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Shardfall (quest)
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Quest Giver Aethan Engar
Location Scholia Arcana - Main Hall
Prerequisite The Unquiet Bride
Next Quest Lightning in a Bottle
Reward Adept's Ring
Faction Scholia Arcana
Type Faction Quest

Shardfall (quest) is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.




Some notable loot found includes:


  • The Apprentice never loads in Shardfall, making it impossible to continue on the questline. If this happens, and you jump off the ledge in Shardfall, the fight never happens, and you get stuck. Hopefully they will fix this bug.  Game maker defunct...only way to get around these bugs is to save, save, save. Have several save files going from the start of a quest and entrance to a dungeon.  9xs out of 10 the bug does not appear again after you reload.
  • Avoid talking to Edmune immediately after exiting the cave.  He initiates dialogue, hit your escape action button.  Run past him, past the waterfall, then return to converse with him.  An odd bug occurs in which your health/mana/fate/arrows menu and your minimap disappear forever sometimes if you go into direct conversation with him.  I verified this with 4 saves.  It has to do with how quickly you converse with him and go into dialogue about his assistant.  Perhaps everything does not have time to load because of his closeness to the cave and the length of its entrance.  Traveling to other areas, dungeons, does not reload your menus and maps.  Be sure to save prior to exiting the cave in case this happens.  There is no fix to it.



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