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Shapen in Iniquity
Pteryx eyries
Quest Giver Secandra
Location Idylla
Prerequisite Rites of Passage
Next Quest Into Temptation
Reward Varies with playstyle
Faction None
Type Main Quest

Shapen in Iniquity is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


I've been granted permission to enter Idylla, the Kollossae city floating above the Teeth of Naros. According to the strange entity that brought me to the Teeth of Naros, I am supposed to contact "the Primos." Secandra has told me that the current Primos of the Kollossae is Anokatos, who can be found in the Sanctum of the Primos in Idylla. Secandra will escort me there.


After you enter Idllya, your ability to Fast Travel outside of the Teeth of Naros is unlocked so that you may now freely come and go as you need to throughout the game world.

Finding the PrimosEdit

  • This quest is started by speaking to Secandra after appearing in Idylla.
    Sanctuary entrance

    The entrance to the Primos Sanctuary

  • Secandra will lead the way to the Primos Sanctuary, stopping by the open pit in the concourse.
    • Jumping down (after saving) will award the achievement "I Regret Nothing".
  • Secandra will stop before the entrance to the Sanctuary and the Fateless One should continue onward.
  • The Primos, Anokatos, can be found praying by the altar to the left. He asks the Fateless One to create a Wreath of Absolution.
  • You are free to explore the city or complete most of the side quests and tasks if you wish at any time from entering the city forward.  Completing the side quest Lost Litanies will cause the consumable god magic Litany to be found anywhere in the game including the basic mainland and the Gallow's End.
  • Talk again to Secandra and she will lead you to the Circlet.

Arkes' CircletEdit

Pteryx VanesEdit

Eyries view

View of Idylla and Kahrunk's Tower from the peak


I Regret Nothing
Fell to your death from the Idylla Concourse.
Points Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy