Shadow Flare
Basic Info
Class Finesse
Prerequisites None
Tier 1
Levels 5 (+2)
Type Active
Weaving a burst of shadow magic to wound and stagger enemies in an arc before you. Quickly press the button again to throw a volley of shadowy blades, dealing Pierce and Bleeding Damage.


Shadow Flare is a Finesse ability with two-part attack. Attack 1 staggers targets a few meters in front of you and deals Physical Damage. Tap the ability again and a number of blade projectiles each deal Piercing Damage and Bleeding Damage.

Works well over an area or when fighting large enemies up close.


There are 5 levels to this ability. Two more may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

Level Attack 1 Range Attack 1 Physical Damage Attack 1 Cost Attack 2 # Projectiles Attack 2 Piercing Damage Attack 2 Bleeding Damage Attack 2 Cost
1 4 meters 3 5 mana 3 20 10 over 5s 5 mana
2 5 meters 5 7 mana 3 35 10 over 5s 10 mana
3 5 meters 8 10 mana 5 50 12 over 6s 15 mana
4 6 meters 12 15 mana 5 65 12 over 6s 20 mana
5 6 meters 17 20 mana 5 70 14 over 7s 25 mana
6 6 meters 23 20 mana 5 85 14 over 7s 25 mana
7 6 meters 30 20 mana 5 100 16 over 8s 25 mana


Shadow Flare00:11

Shadow Flare


  • Shadow Flare works similar to Mark of Flame, in that both have a weaker first attack, followed by a destructive second attack.
  • More than one knife can hit a target. If the player gets close enough to a single large foe, incredible amounts of damage can be dealt.
  • The Shadow Flare is a useful mana saver technique; it bleeds and pierces the enemy at a low cost of mana, useful when you're running low on it.

Related AbilitiesEdit

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