Selni Peliad
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
Location The Lower Tunnels
Class Rogue

Selni Peliad is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I look after my little birds. Speak for them and see to the finding and picking through all of what Rathir discards.


Selni Peliad is the leader of a group of rogues named "The Sparrows". She and her comrades live in the Lower Tunnels, within the city of Rathir.



A stranger. A stranger comes!
So Raf is dead, too, then? Oh, Lunala. Will the Sparrows be murdered, one by one? It began when Fara went missing. Then we found Syl's corpe in the alley, then Shirin's... now Raf. We are helpless. We know nothing. Can do nothing.
upon your first encounter with her.
Betrayed? We have traded more than rags with some, up above and here below... But who among them would hunt us down and murder us? This is too much for us. I beg you, go to the City Watch. See if there is anything they know - anything they can do to help us.
upon your response: Raf said you were betrayed.
None that would hunt us down and kill us. Not within Rathir, I am sure of that much.
when asked: What enemies do you have?
If they know nothing and cannot help us, then no one can.
when asked: Why the City Watch?
And you think even the Watch cannot be trusted? That is nearly unthinkable, yet still... Go there, then, and see what you can learn first by looking around. The Watch knows much and records what it knows. But if all else fails, speak to Captain Talibor.
if chosen the response: But Raf said tell no one.
Rag-pickers, urchins, scamps, call us what you like. We too have a place, and it is here.
when asked about the Sparrows.
All that Rathir does not need or want - the gold chain broken, the tailor's scraps, old ship-casks - we Sparrows gather up. We bring it here. We sort, and mend, and sell it new for meager coins as we can. And that is how we live.
when asked about the term: "Rag Pickers".
He was our best climber. Knew the gutters and spire-side as well as the gulls. And now - now he. too, is gone...
when asked about Raf Klyr.
The City Watch! Their name is whispered by all in Rathir with awe. They are just, firm, and all seeing.
when asked about the City Watch.
Rathir is like a great stone tree, with mages in its bows bright ships in its shade. We Sparrows nestle in its roots, as loved by Lyria as any other.
when asked about Rathir.
Above the Tunnels, just beyond the Wending. You will see guards flanking the door. If you can't learn anything on your own, speak to Captain Talibor.
when asked: Where is the City Watch?
Join me, Sparrows. Let us mourn our brother departed. Raf, who lost mother to war and father to wine. Raf the climber, the ledge-walker, a Sparrow of our kind.

Upon your return to the Lower Tunnels and once you've dealt with Captain Talibor:

He is dead. It is over now, thanks to you. And to think, I only learned the cause of all this nightmare moments before he arrived.
I was done with waiting, I had to do something, so I did what I know. I began sorting the piles of salvage. And that's when I found the cause.
when asked: How did you find out?
To hide his crimes. He was selling prisoners as slaves, smuggling them out to merchant ships in the dark of night. One of the boats wrecked and sank beneath the Quays. That boat held slaves, and gold, and had Talibor's name all over it. Before he could clear the wreckage, we took our pickings. We had his secret. He was willing to kill to save his name.
when asked: Why did he do it?
In past times, we shared freely with the Watch, as we once did with the Dunnmen. But no longer. We will look after ourselves now. Defend ourselves now. Yes, I think that's best.
when asked about the City Watch.
As long as one other Sparrow survives, I will be there to help keep this nest and shelter.
when asked about herself.



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