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School of Hard Knocks

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School of Hard Knocks
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Quest Giver Onesimos
Location The Lykeios
Prerequisite Rites of Passage
Next Quest None
Reward Gold, Logos
Faction None
Type Side Quest

School of Hard Knocks is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


Onesimos, the master of Idylla's school of philosophy, has asked me to debate some of his scholars. My first opponent is a Kollossae named Thais. I should seek him out and accept his challenge.


Debate ThaisEdit

  • The topic: "A torrential storm sweeps a youngling and a full-grown Kollossae into the flow of a big river. There's only time to save one. Which should one choose to save?"
  • Pick any of the options in the conversation at which point he will attack you. Once you beat him, Onesimos will explain that debates in the Lykeios are made by opening statements and then combat to decide which position is correct.

Debate SistusEdit

  • The topic: "On a trip across the vast desert, you and your companion encounter a boulder. It is an airborne boulder, and it crushes your friend. He tells you: Leave me, Beckoned! Even were you to lift this boulder from off my battered body, I would be half a Kollosae!"
  • Pick an option, beat Sistus and return to Onesimos.

Debate XenoEdit

  • The topic: "What makes a war worth fighting?"
  • Pick an option, beat him and return to Onesimos.

Debate PhinneEdit

  • The topic: "Does might make right?"
  • Pick an option, beat her and return to Onesimos.

Debate OnesimosEdit

  • When you return to him, he will pose one last question: "Can those with absolute power, such as yourself, have courage? If one enters battle with victory all but assured, can one also be called brave?"
  • You can accuse him of calling you a coward, which he denies, or answer the question. After that he will attack you. Beat him and return back.


  • Onesimos thanks you for the battles and rewards you with gold (~ 8000 gp at level 40) and Logos (Shield, Block 76 damage, +15% elemental resistance, -15% mana costs, +1 to sorcery abilities)


  • (X360) - By activating or finishing this quest, you might find yourself incapable to fast travel anywhere, and it will always stay like this. So, often save, but before that, go to Idylla concourse, try to fast travel : if you can, then save the game. If you CAN'T, reload a save where you still could. This quest is cursed with the "you can't fast travel from here".
  • This Quest is also broken in the PC and PS3 versions as well, do not attempt to do this quest or you will never fast travel again. The rewards are parity bland anyway so don't bother attempting it.

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