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Scholia Arcana
Founded By Eleanor Brea, Elodan Bloodgood, Marus Torix
Current Leader
  • Jubal Caledus
  • The Fateless One
  • Notable Members
  • Aethan Engar
  • Eran Methneen
  • Nuala Ignas
  • Cadoc Reen
  • Lerkara Fel
  • Locations
  • Gardens of Ysa
  • Rathir
  • Scholia Arcana is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The nearest Scholia Arcana outpost is located in the Gardens of Ysa. The members consist of scholars who make it their mission to study all of the strange and magical findings in Amalur. Adhering to a dogma of rigorous scholarship and thorough experimentation, they are the brightest and most intrepid mages of Amalur. Their pursuit of arcane knowledge and their dedication to the discipline of magic is unsurpassed.

    Hundreds of years before the Age of Arcana, three mages founded the Scholia Arcana upon the heights of Rathir, where the ancient Dokkalfar traditions of magic-wielding were formalized into a prodigious school.

    The Scholia Arcana are organized into various ranks according to how proficient they are with magic. The newest among the order are Neophytes. Those who progress beyond that are promoted to the rank of Docent. Docents who continue further with their training become Adepts of the order. From the Adepts, a select few are chosen to become Savants. Savants are the highest rank a student at the Scholia Arcana can become, having no one above them except the Archsage themself.

    Recently, magic is becoming stronger and more out of control. The cause is unknown, but it is drastic enough that it could reshape the balance of power in Amalur. If someone can change the fate of the Scholia Arcana, then life may return to normal.



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