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Scattered Fragments
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Quest Giver Aubrey Gilcrest
Location Gallows End
Prerequisite The Legend of Dead Kel
Next Quest None
Reward achievement, Dvergan Armor Set
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Scattered Fragments is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Before the Dverga abandoned Gallows End they buried some of their most valuable treasures around the island. If I can find the remaining fragments of Aubrey's map they may show the location of these treasures.


There are 4 maps that can be assembled from pieces. There are three pieces per map; once all pieces of a particular map are located a prompt to assemble them will be given. "Use" the map to assemble its pieces. The locations of the pieces are given below:

After collecting all pieces of a given map it needs to be "used" from the inventory and a corresponding map marker is added which points to the treasure.

After all 4 treasures are dug up and the Fateless One speaks to Aubrey the quest will finish. However, this is not the end of the treasure hunt.

BUG: If you sell then re-buy a Dvergan piece you already own from a previous treasure, while you are asked to dig for the next treasure, the game will assume you have dug out a new piece and the unlooted treasure will forever be lost. THIS WILL BLOCK THE QUEST FROM EVER COMPLETING, THUS LOSING YOU THE ACHIEVEMENT.

  • The final piece of the Dvergan Armor Set, and Aubrey's missing hand, can be found in The Jawbone area. Due north of the Mudhold Fasting there is a jump point leading to a big rock surrounded by shallow water and a few Boggarts. On the northern side of the rock there will be a Scuttlecrab. The Dvergan Gauntlets and Aubrey's hand can be found on its corpse.
    • Note: The crab won't appear until all 4 treasures are dug up and the Fateless One talks to Aubrey, thus finishing the quest.
    • There is no use for the hand, no new dialogue options with Aubrey appear.


Give Her a Hand
Find Aubrey Gilcrest's severed hand.
Points 25 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy