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Scarwood Bark
Scarwood Bark
Reagent Effect Damage

Scarwood Bark is a reagent available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Scarwood Tree is aptly named, for only the most wary can touch the diamond-hard spines of its bark without suffering harm. When peeled off the tree, the bark can grant the essence of raw Damage to a potion.


Scarwood Bark is a reagent used to create potions. Its property is damage.

Consuming Scarwood Bark by itself provides the following effects:

  • +5% Damage


It can be used used to create the following potions:


Scarwood Bark can be harvested, purchased, or found as loot.


The following merchants sell this reagent:


Map Locations include:

  • Gossamer End x2 (after fully upgraded)
  • Allestar Glade
  • Shadowthorn

​Additional InfoEdit



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