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Savant Red Thombrum
Basic Info
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Services Trainer (Alchemy)

Savant Red Thombrum is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

I can think of no greater mystery than what it must have been like for the first alchemists to sample the potions they made. I only wish I had been there.

Savant Red ThombrumEdit

Savant Red Thombrum is a Gnome Alchemist, and intermediate  Alchemy Trainer. Thombrum can be found in the small room containing an Alchemical Lab in the South-East part of the Scholia Arcana - Main Hall, in Rathir's Upper City.

Red Thombrum holds the rank of Savant, the second-highest rank in the Scholia Arcana.


Thombrum is an intermediate  Alchemy Trainer who can train from levels 4-6

Additional InfoEdit

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