Sari Cemble
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Services Merchant

Sari Cemble is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Came here with my father, more than a few years back. Poor Da died a few years ago, and I just took up the business when he did. Been here since.


Sari Cemble is a general merchant in Adessa. she supplies weaponry, armor, and the following:

Components (Misc) Misc


Sari can be found in the markets of Adessa, in The Walls.


The Tithes That Bind -- Sari is one of the three merchants the Fateless One must somehow persuade to donate coin for the relief of those in the Hospitalis Quarters.



If you need anything before you head back out to Detyre, you should make sure to look at my stock first.
Plenty of shops in Adessa, but none as good as mine. Why not drop a few coin here?
Weren't raised here, but it's home well enough. About the only place in Detyre that doesn't feel like the wind will blow it away.
when asked about Adessa
Don't rightly got one type of stock, here. I tend to sell all manner of things you might need while roaming the wastes.
when asked about her shop


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