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Sagecrafting Interface

Sagecraft is a Skill that allows players to craft gems by using different Shards found throughout Amalur. You can socket these Gems into your weapons, armor, or other equipment. Gems can also be used as weapon or armor components if the Fateless One has at least seven skill points in Blacksmithing.

Skill Points Edit

Skill Points
Points Result

Better quality shards drop more frequently.


Milestone: You can create powerful gems using lambent quality shards.

Better quality shards drop more frequently.


Milestone: You can strenghthen shards by combining two of the same quality to get one of the next highest quality.

Better quality shards drop more frequently.

4 Better quality shards drop more frequently.
5 Better quality shards drop more frequently.

Milestone: You can create more powerful gems using pristine quality shards.

Better quality shards drop more frequently.

7 Better quality shards drop more frequently.

Milestone: You can craft epic gems.

Better quality shards drop more frequently.

9 Better quality shards drop more frequently.

Milestone: You can remove socketed gems from any socket at a Sagecraft Altar.

Better quality shards drop more frequently.

Recipes Edit

This section lists all known crafting results and the gems required to achieve them. These were determined using Pristine Shards. Lower quality shards are presumed to lead to the same result types, though with lower values.

Note that there are some overlapping recipes with differing values, e.g. there is a Weapon Gem recipe for 25 life leech and one for 20. In these cases, only the better variants are listed to keep the list as short as possible. For a more complete list, see Gem.

Crafting recipes in a sortable and editable spreadsheet can be found at Google Docs.

Weapon GemsEdit

Gem of Incineration

30 Fire Damage, 20 Burning Damage over 7 seconds
  • Fire + Magic
Gem of Winter
30 Ice Damage, 18 Freezing Damage over 6 seconds
  • Ice + Magic
Gem of Tempest
30 Lightning Damage, 15 Shocking Damage over 10 seconds
  • Lightning + Magic
Gem of Rot
48 Poison Damage over 7 seconds
  • Poison + Physical
Gem of Slaughter
20 Bleeding Damage over 5 seconds
  • Physical + Fire/Ice/Lightning
Saboteur's Gem
25 Piercing Damage
  • Protection + Protection
Galvanizing Gem
30 Physical Damage
  • Physical + Physical
Gem of Amplitude
+15% Critical Hit Damage with Physical
  • Poison + Protection
Gem of Bloodletting
15% Chance to Steal 25 Health per Hit
  • Physical + Magic
Gem of Gluttony
15% Chance to Steal 25 Mana per Hit
  • Magic + Magic

Armor Gems Edit

Gem of Fire Attenuation
+20% Fire Resistance
  • Protection + Fire
Gem of Ice Attenuation
+20% Ice Resistance
  • Protection + Ice
Gem of Lightning Attenuation
+20% Lightning Resistance
  • Protection + Lightning
Gem of Antidote
+15% Poison Resistance
  • Protection + Poison
Gem of Haven
+12% Elemental Resistance
  • Magic + Magic/Protection
Gem of Tempering
+15% Physical Resistance
  • Protection + Physical
Gem of Coagulation
+20% Bleeding Resistance
  • Physical + Magic
Impregnable Gem
+35 Armor
  • Poison + Magic/Physical
Flawless Gem
+30% Armor
  • Protection + Protection

Utility Gems Edit

Hero's Gem
+20% Health
  • Protection + Protection

Templar's gem 

      +17% Health 

  • ​​Protection + Poison / Fire / Ice / Lightning
Oracle's Gem
+20% Mana
  • Magic + Magic
Regenerating Gem
+2 Health Regen per Sec
  • Physical + Protection 

​Renewing Gem

+1.5 Health Regen per Sec
  • Physical + Fire / Ice
Rejuvenating Gem
+2 Mana Regen per Sec
  • Magic + Fire / Ice / Lightning
Conqueror's Gem
+20% Damage vs. lightly wounded targets
  • Physical + Physical
  • Poison + Fire
Tormentor's Gem
+20% Damage vs. heavily wounded targets
  • Ice + Poison

Gem of Precision

+7% Chance to Critical Hit
  • Physical + Poison
Gem of Radiance
+20% Damage during Daytime
  • Magic + Physical
Gem of Night
+20% Damage at Night
  • Magic + Poison
Gem of Staggering
+30% Stun Duration
  • Protection + Magic
+20% Stun duration
  • Posion + Lightning

Epic Gems (Only usable on Chest Armor) Edit

Gem of Unrivaled Vitality
+50 Health and Mana
  • Poison + Fire/Ice/Lightning
Gem of the Subjugator
+15% Damage, +10% Damage Resistance
  • Physical + Physical
Gem of Magic Resonance
+20% Fire, Ice and Lightning Damage
  • Fire + Ice
  • Fire + Lightning
  • Ice + Lightning
Gem of Summer's Vengeance
75% Chance to Burn enemies when Attacked
  • Fire + Fire
Gem of Winter's Vengeance
75% Chance to Freeze enemies when Attacked
  • Ice + Ice
Gem of Tempest's Vengeance
75% Chance to Shock enemies when Attacked
  • Lightning + Lightning
Gem of Plague's Vengeance
75% Chance to Poison enemies when Attacked
  • Poison + Poison
Gem of Paralyzing Vengeance
60% Chance to Stun enemies when Attacked
  • Protection + Protection
Gem of Abatement
-20% Mana Costs
  • Magic + Fire/Ice/Lightning
Gem of Opulence
+20% Gold Drops
  • Physical + Fire/Ice/Lightning/Poison
Gem of the Enlightened
+10% Experience Bonus
  • Protection + Physical
Warrior's Gem
+1 to all unlocked Might Abilities.
  • Magic + Physical
Rogue's Gem
+1 to all unlocked Finesse Abilities.
  • Magic + Poison
Sorcerer's Gem
+1 to all unlocked Sorcery Abilities.
  • Magic + Magic
Gem of Enlightenment
+1 to the first 4 tiers of unlocked Might, Finesse and Sorcery Abilities.
  • Magic + Protection


Epic Gems that are found or given as rewards but can not be created that we know of.

Epic Gems can be created when playing on PC

Paramount Gem

+20% Armor

This Epic Gem is sometimes given as reward for quest On The Hunt.

Gem of Expansion

+2% Experience Bonus

Training Edit

Four Sagecraft trainers can be found throughout The Faelands:

Trainer Location Type
Savant Raina Njorn Ysa Basic Trainer (0-3)
Viscount Setter the Allseer Ysa Basic Trainer (0-3)
Savant Itran Sconn Rathir - Scholia Arcana Advanced Trainer (4-6)
Liordran The Keening Master Trainer (7-9)

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