Rolan Arleand
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Basic Info
Race Human?
Gender Male
Services Merchant

Rolan Arleand is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


in-game description goes here.


Rolan is a general merchant for the Travelers. He is likely a fence, but this needs confirmation.


As a general merchant, Rolan sells weaponry, armor, accessories, and the following items:

Potions (Consumables) Recipes
Gems (Misc) Shards (Misc)
Components (Misc) Misc


Rolan can be found in the Sun Camp.



  • Image Needed: a screenshot of this character needs to be uploaded and placed in the infobox.
  • Race needed: though most likely some form of human, his race needs to be confirmed.
  • Description needed: An in-game description of this character, preferably the one where you ask him about himself, needs to be placed in the description section.
  • Fence Confirmation: this character is a merchant for the travelers, making him most likely a fence, however this needs to be confirmed.
  • He is no longer available after the completion of the traveler quest line.

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