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Rogue Harvest

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Rogue Harvest
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Quest Giver Ayten Job Board
Location Ayten
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Task

Rogue Harvest is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.





  • It is possible to get insane amounts of gold off this task, since you get just about 1,500 gold per armband and he doesn't seem to have a set limit at which he stops paying.
  • The more armbands you turn in at a time the more gold per armband you receive. For 33 armbands, you receive 1,704 gold each. For 1 armband, you receive only 340 gold. They stack in inventory.
  • It is possible to stack the armbands up to 99. For a stack of 99 armbands you will receive 1624 gold each for a total of 160,776 gold. (Xbox 360)
  • It is unclear how the amount of armbands effects the price. Turning in 102 armbands (a stack of 99 and a stack of three) results in receiving 2024 gold per armband for a total of 206,448 gold. Three armbands seem to make a 45,626 gold difference in payment. (Xbox 360)


After a while, Fynwick Iver seems to dissapear from the map, as well as Ayten and the Wolds completely. Cannot find or deliver bands.

re-edit - I had the same problem, but found Fenwick wandering around in the Golden Plains Inn, with the question mark over his head. So apparently even if he's not showing up on the map, the NPC is actually still around. :)

Adding to the above, he is also to be found in his house in Ayten.



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