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Rogue Harvest
Freeman armband
Quest Giver Ayten Job Board
Location Ayten
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Task

Rogue Harvest is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



As above, this is a "Task" and therefore not catagorized under Main Quest or Side Quest.  It will always remain active as it is repeatable.  All Tasks, throughout the game, are endlessly repeatable.  There are over 10 Tasks throughout the main game and others in the DLC.  They will always remain in the Active and Open Quest listing of your game and never move to the completed files.



  • Freeman bandits can be found in many parts of Plains of Erathell:
  • The payment received depends on two factors:
    • The level at which you received the quest locks in the base value and value cap.
      • The base value is calculated as 16(level) + 4. The value cap is 5(base) + 4.
    • The amount of armbands being turned in at the same time:
      • 1-4: The base value per item is awarded.
      • 5-9: As above, plus a single value cap bonus.
      • 10+: The value cap is awarded per item.

The table below shows prices reported by players:

Armbands Total gold received Gold per armband Quest locked at level Notes
1 324 324 20
1 404 404 25
5 3,244 (1,624+1,620) 648.8 20 This is actually 324 per item (1620), plus a 1624 bonus
11 17,864 1,624 20
18 19,152 1064 13 13 at level load and quest received.
19 38,456 2,024 25
33 56,232 1,704 21
74 149,776 2,024 25
99 160,776 1,624 20
102 206,448 2,024 25
136 231,744 1,704 21
160 259.840 1,624 21
162 263,088 1,624 20


  • Fynwick Iver will not be shown on the map with yellow circle while having the quest active (nor with a white one). However, there will be a question mark if he is in the same location as player. There is also a question mark floating above his head. If you cannot see him on the map, he must be inside - check his house in the south west corner and the tavern.

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