Rivener Tarsus (weapon)
Rivener tarsus
Base Damage 100+
Durability 20
Rarity Unique
Type Staff
  • +20% Shocking Damage
  • +20% Shocking Duration
  • See Details
  • Rivener Tarsus (weapon) is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    This ancient weapon was wielded by Pan, a great Fae warrior and general in the Withering War.


    This staff is part of the Rivener Tarsus quest. It has to be forged using the Rivaner Tarsus dowel - salvaged from the Dark Sliver. Because this weapon is forged by the Fateless One its exact damage breakdown and effects will vary depending on components used.

    Damage BreakdownEdit

    • 75 Lightning Damage
    • 25 Shocking Damage over 10 seconds


    • +20% Shocking Damage
    • +20% Shocking Duration


    • The dowel has +20% Lightning Resistance as its effect, but this is replaced by +20% to Shocking Damage and Duration when the weapon is forged, irrespective of components used.


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