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The Ring of Keozai is an ancient, fabled entity that spans the entirety of the world of Amalur. Comprising of 12 "branches" known as world trees, it has existed since the dawn of time, and is possibly related to the magical beings known as the Fae. Very little is known about it, aside from that which is mentioned by the lorekeepers of the Fae, or that which has been written down by mortals wise enough to listen.


We were the Twelve, the sons and daughters of Vilaghru, and the branches through which all wisdom whispers. We are the Ring.
I am as world trees have ever been since the dawn of time. I watch, I understand. And I remember.
My family and I circle this world. We were saplings when your kind emerged from the dark and we will grow with you until this world burns once again.


The Ring of Keozai (or Vilaghru, as mentioned by Akara) is the name which refers to the group of world trees that have existed since the dawn of time throughout Amalur. Extremely powerful and magical, and having a lifespan that seems infinite, this Ring is said to encompass the entire world.

Very little is known about the origin or purpose of the Ring of Keozai, due to the small amount of lore that is available regarding it. It would seem that the 12 members of the Ring were created around the same time as the eternal Fae by the Deities of Amalur, and have watched the world since the dawn of time.

Interestingly, the branches of Keozai are actually mortal beings, resembling long-lived sentient giant trees. Each seems to have their own purpose and special characteristics:

  • Nyralim has unbreakable branches, and has chosen to protect the Fae of Ysa.
  • Akara is actually comprised of many entities, and exiled itself from the rest of the world.
  • The Gallows Tree exists in both the physical and magical worlds, and bridges between them for the Fae.
  • Attiru is said to hold the whole of Amalur's history within its countless rings.

According to Akara, there are at least 8 more world trees throughout the world of Amalur.

The Fae of Amalur revere these great trees and turn to them for wisdom and guidance, as well as dedicating certain honored members to them as grove tenders. However, Nyralim mentions that the Fae have actually existed for longer than the Ring of Keozai, and mentions that his decision to protect Ysa is "in thanks to High King Titarion", which seems to indicate some sort of purposeful relationship between the two.

Although it is never mentioned as such, the Gallows Tree is assumed to also be part of the Ring of Keozai, as it exists within both the physical and magical worlds and was tended to for ages by the House of Sorrows. During their questline, the Fateless One discovers that it is pivotal in harnessing The Sorrows, as well as acting as a trans-dimensional bridge between Amalur and Esharra for the essences of Fae creatures.

Known "Branches of Keozai"Edit


Akara 01

Gallows tree


  • The World Tree trope is common in media. Nyralim may be an homage to another famous sapient, benevolent and giant tree, the Great Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Both are likely inspired by Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse Mythology.

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