Rhudlyn Rhewani
Rhudlyn Rhewani
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
Location Merchant Circle
  • Merchant
  • Rhudlyn Rhewani is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    I've always found the mystery of herbs and fungi far more fascinating than anything else. As soon as I was old enough, I was apprenticed to the great Rilph Janick.


    Rhudlyn Rhewani is a Dokkalfar alchemist who peddles her wares in the city of Rathir. If the Fateless One needs it, he/she can find about anything from her.


    She can be found at her shop, the Alchemical Specialist, within the Merchant Circle in the city of Rathir.


    • You consult Rhudlyn about a poison during the quest 'Bad Blood'.



    Misc: (Potion Recipies)


    R. Rhewani: apothecary, alchemist, importer, and cultivator, at you service.
    upon your first encounter with her.
    If you think yourself a bit of an amateur, you are welcome to the use of my alchemist's bench. I am happy to sell you anything you require. And - forgive any faces I make at your fitful potioneering.'
    when asked about Alchemy, should the Fateless One's skill level be 6 or below.
    Oh you've met them? Well, any friends of theirs is a friend of mine. Although, truth be told, those sisters can be a little strange sometimes.
    when asked about the Janick Sisters.
    Were you aware that thirty-seven varieties of vine, flower, and tree can be found here? Discounting, of course, the Lunar Gardens.
    when asked about Rathir.
    Have you been? The true marvel of our city, if you ask me. Blossoms you will se nowhere else in Amalur!
    when asked about the Lunar Gardens.
    Good evening.

    While doing 'Bad Blood':

    What ails, fails, or irks you - there is a potion for it.
    An alarming question. Allow me. Hm... Yes, it is surely Roilwence. Few possess such a compound. I am one. Lyria, what is more - I sold a phial of it recently to a servant of old Einar Abergast. This is terrible. I will send an antidote at once. But someone must do something. Go to the City Watch. Speak with Favian Tyrn. At once.
    when asked: What is the poison in this wine?
    Rathir's city guards. Haven't you seen them? Leave my store and head left through the Pryderi. Find Favian Tyrn and tell him what I have told you.
    when asked: To the City Watch?
    The famous hermit on the Quays. Though his merchant business thrives, it is said he has not left his home in years.
    when asked about Einar Abergast.
    I knew his face because he has come to me for various other alchemical items over the years. And I have seen him once, exiting Abergast's door.
    when asked about Abergast's Servant.
    The compound is extremely rare, as it comes only from the lands south of the southern Faelands. It is a devious poison, as you have seen. In far smaller doses, it is used by north-sea captains who must stand at the wheel for days unsleeping, lest they be sunk by floating ice.
    when asked about Roilwence.
    Fear not. I will have the antidote sent immediately.


    • If the Fateless One has an alchemy level of 7 or above, she will comment about how she lacks the skills of him/her and would be honored for him/her to use her alchemy workbench.
    • She was trained by Lila and Molly Janick's father, and will comment about how they are somewhat strange but still good people. She will also offer a discount for knowing them.


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