Renerit Vale
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Services Blacksmith

Renerit Vale is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Was one of the wretches working for Motus Mining in Apotyre. Got out before the sickness, gods rest them... but I've been here for years, now.


Renerit Vale is a human blacksmith working a forge in the markets of Adessa. He used to work for Motus Mining, but managed to leave before the sickness struck.

Since he came to Adessa years prior, he appears to have done well for himself, as he is one of the three non-gnomes the player must beseech for coin for the laborers in the quest The Tithes that Bind.


Renerit can be found in Adessa - The Walls.


The Tithes that Bind -- Renerit is one of the three merchants the Fateless One must somehow persuade to donate coin for the relief of those in the Hospitalis Quarters.


As a blacksmith, Renerit can repair weapons and armor, for a fee.


Got the forge hot, stranger. If you need repair work for armor or weapons, I'm your man.
I came here with nothing, but managed to build myself a nice slice of life. The gnomes even invest some money here.
when asked about Adessa
Aye, a vile thing in Apotyre: spread like a cold, killed like a plague.
when asked about the Apotyre Sickness
I can provide you with some smithing if you need. Repairs, or salvaging -- whatever's at hand.
when asked about his forge


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