Relentless Assault
Basic Info
Class Might
Prerequisites 20 points in Might
Tier 3
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Active
Grants a short-term resistance to interrupt at the expense of armor, allowing you to shrug off blows while taking slightly more damage.


Relentless Assault is a Might-based ability where the character will not be interrupted when attacking. To do this, the character will forego defense, taking more damage if hit.


This ability has six levels. Two more levels can be reached through ability bonuses.

Level Duration (seconds) Armor reduction Mana cost
1 6 -50% 25
2 8 -40% 30
3 10 -30% 35
4 13 -20% 40
5 16 -10% 45
6 20 -0% 50
7 25 -0% 50
8 30 -0% 50


Some attacks, such as the Bolgan Brute's sword slash, can still interrupt the Fateless One's attacks even if Relentless Assault is active.

Related AbilitiesEdit

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